NYS Security Guard Training

 8 Hour Pre-Assignment - 16 Hour On The Job - 8 Hour Annual - 47 Hour Armed - 
8 Hour Annual-Armed In Service

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Glock Armorer.

NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

NRA Civilian Firearms Instructor. 
(Basic Handgun / Shotgun, Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety)


    Concealed Weapons & Officer Safety                                           Seminars.

In light of today’s changing times, it is imperative that law enforcement , security, and military community keep on top of any security risks that may pose a threat to its officers and community.  I am able to help you keep one step ahead of those threats. 

An officer has a better chance of confronting a person with a concealed weapon than he does running into a terrorist. 

My seminar is enlightening and informative and will have an impact on how you deal with an unknown threat. I think you will agree that the safety of your officers is of the utmost importance.

I Specialize in: Concealed Weapons Detection, IED, Facility Infiltration, Situational Awareness, Officer Safety, Computer Protection, Leadership Responsibility.

People depend on you being at your best, so why not be trained by the best.
Let me test and evaluate your security before an undesirable does.

My Seminar is part of the New York State Court Officers Academy and was used during Homeland Security for the New York Army National Guard.

This Seminar has also been given to the NYCPD Patrol Officers, and has played an important role in updating the security procedures and equipment in the NYCPD.


Want to see how it is possible to:

Walk right through a Metal Detector and passed Screeners with 11 full sized knives, 1 fully loaded revolver, 
8 extra rounds, cuff key, 12 inch hardened steel spike, 2 hunting broad heads and a razor blade.....

Hand 10 pounds of C-4 (plastic explosive) to a cop checking bags
 in the subway, and have him hand it back to you telling you to: 
have a nice day. 

Come to my seminar and see for yourself.

Polecat Security Testing