Fat, Dumb, and Happy

Never having faced adversity out in the field.
Being alone and coming face to face with a bad guy or guys (whether it be an armed confrontation or hand to hand combat) and showing your true colors. 

No LODD (Line Of Duty Deaths) or Serious Injury during your career.
This is the true test of your colors. 
When you are seriously Injured or witness the death of your partner or people you are protecting will you lock up with fear or will you call upon your past experiences and training and say, “Lets Rock”!

Not seeing clues to Law Enforcement / Security problems as they arise.
Training classes, books and videos will help, but nothing will ever replace the on the job experience. 
When you do the training classes, books and video thing you’ll retain 10- 30% of the info. 
You experience it first hand and you’ll remember it forever! 
The more involved (first hand experience) you are on the job, the more experience you will gain, and your chances of surviving a lethal encounter goes significantly.   

Being in danger and not knowing it or not knowing how to detect it.

Totally clueless, wearing of the rose colored glasses.
“Yeah ok let me tell you sometime kid, I’ve been OJT forever and I know everything”
This with the attitude typically encountered in the field.
This usually comes out of the mouth of an ill-trained officer who has little or no OJT experience.

He believes because he’s been OJT forever, goes to the range once a year, makes the new guy handle all the jobs and has seen every episode of COP’s he knows everything.  

Knowledge is a never ending process. 
Even a Vet can learn something for the new guy. 

Don't Be Fat, Dumb, and Happy!